Five dinner destinations on Valentine's Day

Published: Friday | February 13, 2009

Christopher Bird, owner of Bird of Paradise Restaurant in Mandeville will cook up an unforgettable valentine dinner. - Colin hamilton/Freelance Photographer

Aah, the day for lovers is but a few hours away. So just where should you take the love of your life for that special valentine's dinner?

We've got five great venues for rural folks and the famed hip strip of Montego Bay's Gloucester Avenue has four of them.

1&2. The Wexford Court Hotel offers two fantastic packages. First, in its Rosella's Fine Dining Restaurant, dinner gets going at 5 p.m. Couples pay $5,200, singles, $2,800. The couples get a bottle of champagne and just for the women, strawberries dipped in chocolate. Out on the restaurant's patio, private booths will cost $8,000 per couple. But if you're dining with a group of 10, it's $30,000 with three bottles of champagne. Live entertainment and give-aways are also included.

The hotel's spanking new conference centre hosts the other dinner which starts at 7 p.m. It costs $3,600 for singles, while couples pay $6,800, again with a complimentary bottle of bubbly. There will also be live entertainment, featuring Rising Stars 2008 runner-up Kahlil.

3. Marguerite's Seafood By The Sea is offering an evening dubbed 'Love At First Sight'. With two enticing appetisers and entrees ranging from US$38 (J$3420) to US$46 (J$4140), the venue promises great cuisine. For a little extra (US$20, or J$1800), you can get a box of four chocolate truffles and a rose (gentlemen, order now so the wife doesn't get jealous).

4. Twisted Kilt will be offering a choice of soups du jour accompanied by a salad, a champagne cocktail, and dessert. All of that will be included with either the chicken entree for US$24.95 (J$2245.59) or the lobster entree for US$34.95 (J$3145.50). And to complement the meal, soothing saxophone music.

5. Meanwhile, in central Jamaica, Mandeville to be exact, Bird of Paradise Restaurant (1 Brumalia Road) is promising an evening of champagne, chocolate and romance. Starting at $1,650 per person plus charges, the entertainment, eye-catching menu, including your choice of delectable entrees, plus complimentary roses for the women, make for a fun evening.

There you have it. Bon appétit and Happy Valentine's Day!

(NB: We calculated the rate for the US dollar at J$90).