5 steps to dancers' legs

Published: Monday | March 9, 2009

Pliť/squat - photos by Ian Allen/Staff Photographer

Who wins best legs? Dancers, of course. These professionals get toned from their dips and twirls and oftentimes end up with enviably lean and toned legs.

Not a natural, graceful swan? Then you can try these basic moves in the comfort of your own home to make your way on to the literal dance floor with sexy legs.

Cassandra Matthews, a dance instructor and choreographer who teaches three dance and stretch-oriented classes at The Sweat Shop, as well as operates her own business, Fearless Dance Classes, showed some basic dance moves to get those leg muscles warm.

1. The plie/squat - With legs slightly apart and knees turned outwards, pulse the body up and down in controlled motions like you are standing on a spring. Pulse 30-32 times.

2. Cross step - Starting with knees turned out, cross one leg, stretched and toes pointed forward, in front of the next. Once the foot is firmly planted, swing the other forward in the same motion. Be certain to arch the back.

( l - r ) Brush step, Cross step

Balance step