Don't panic, work with us - ACP Frater

Published: Friday | March 13, 2009

Adrian Frater, News Editor

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Denver Frater.


Instead of panicking in the face of the latest spate of murders rocking the parish, residents of St James are being urged to provide the police with greater support as they seek to apprehend the killers and restore calm.

"People out there know the men who are carrying out these vicious acts and they need to share their information with the police," said Area One's commanding officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police Denver Frater

"With the best intentions in the world, the police can't be everywhere at the same time, so we need the support of the public," he said.

Committed officers

"We know we have committed officers on the ground but the public needs to work with us. I have no doubt that we have the capacity to bring these killers to justice."

Since the start of the year, St James, up to Tuesday, has had 40 murders, as rampaging gunmen linked to criminal activities such as the illicit guns-for-drugs trade between Haiti and Jamaica, the infamous Montego Bay 'Lotto' scam, and turf war between rival gangs, continue to wreak havoc.

There have been 14 murders across the parish in the last 10 days. Last Saturday morning, three men were shot dead at a dance on Perry Street. In the aftermath of that shooting, two men were killed in what was believed to be acts of reprisals. Last Sunday morning, four men were shot and killed at another dance in Hendon, Norwood.

We need public support

"People in these areas know what is happening but they just can't just panic and keep it to themselves," noted ACP Frater. "We have made some gains against the criminals over the last few months and we can't allow things to get back to where they were, so we need the support of the public."

In the latest addition to the rampant mayhem, two car washers were killed, execution-style, on Harbour Street in downtown Montego Bay on Monday night. The dead men have been identified as 34-year-old Miguel Thompson, and 40-year-old Marvin Williams.

Despite several new policing initiatives and changes in personnel, St James still figured prominently in the number of murders across the island last year, accounting for a record 216 killings.