Published: Monday | March 16, 2009

The Soloist, Contributor

Here we go again. Yes, we are revisiting the violence against women issue because it's not OK for men to beat women and it's not OK for women to stay and take it. God knows that here in Jamaica we need to speak out against violence, period. But with the dialogue that has been ongoing since the alleged beating of singer Rihanna by her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, we cannot let it go.

You know where I stand on this issue. If a man hits me, he better kill me because he is likely to be part of the statistic in the murder tally. I am hitting, biting, kicking, stabbing back!

I just have no tolerance nor the slightest capacity to comprehend what makes a woman accept physical abuse from any man. He could be Brad Pitt, Barack Obama, King Fayed or Denzel Washington overlaid in platinum and spewing diamonds when he breathes, I still say, no way Josť! Go buy a punching bag!

So, when Sean 'P Diddy' Combs can go on the Ellen Show and say that it was a "situation" and, therefore, he was just facilitating his two friends to talk about their problems by lending them his Florida home, I see problems. And when men, believe it or not, say 'she provoked him', I see even more potential abusers and victims. Like when Rihanna went back to Chris, I saw denial that will eventually lead to more abuse.

Letterman list

But seriously, with all the news generated since this incident, I have made a list for why poor Rihanna would be going back. Sort of like the nightly Letterman list of top-10 reasons ... only in a 'tek kin teet covah heart bun' fashion.

1 The beatings are actually foreplay.

2 Rihanna plans to retire early and Chris is paying her a million dollars after each beating.

3 Rihanna is doing research to find out just how much battering a face can take.

4 Rihanna wants to be president of her own victim support group.

5 Chris and Rihanna are both dreaming that she's his mother and he's his stepfather.

6 Rihanna loves being a part of the 80-90 per cent of women in the United States who go back to their abusers.

7 Rihanna is one of the thousands of women who believe that men beat them because they love them.

8 Chris hypnotised Rihanna into believing she deserves it.

9 Chris is a teenager and thinks it's cool to beat up girls.

10 Rihanna is just a damn dumb and stupid woman who does not realise that she can do better.

So, here's the plan, we will help any Jamaican woman currently in an abusive relationship to find the courage to leave the horrible man. All of this will be done in the strictest confidence. If you are in such a situation, let Flair know about it at: