Published: Monday | March 16, 2009

Readers respond to 'I need a Romeo'

Last week's Flair received numerous responses from readers about the return of On My Mind. Here are some of the responses to last week's piece, 'I need a Romeo'.

Too much slackness

I read your article in Flair and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I know Jamaican women are among the worst in the world when it comes to putting up with all the 'slackness' that our men do.

I am one of those Jamaican women who have suffered in those kinds of situations. I regretted the days and months and years I wasted with that person. After spending almost 30 years, I divorced him. I am now living in Florida, married to a Jamaica man, but a different kind of man.

Thank God that Jesus worked it out for me. I know we grow up with God and how we should forgive, but as you said, LEAVE.


Smart woman

OMG! At least there's another smart woman still living in Jamaica. People with whom I'm aquatinted/associated think that I'm harsh, cold and wicked, simply because I have refused to be used, abused and take 'foolishness' from men.

I totally agree with you; if he sleeps out, LEAVE him. If the other woman calls your phone, LEAVE him. If he beats you, LEAVE him! Too many times women sit back and tolerate the garbage that men throw at them.

Women, stop settling for garbage. Why eat chicken when there's lobster? All I'm saying is that you should stop telling yourselves that all men are the same (cheaters, abusers, etc) so you won't leave the bastard whom you are now sleeping with because you won't find a better man. Rubbish!

Hear this; men don't settle for less so why should you?

- A smart woman

Word to the wise

I just read your article. A word to the wise; these Jamaican women are not any better! A brother should be a provider, not a cash cow; gentlemanly, not a slave/yardboy. Most of these women will say they want a good man but they don't know how to treat one.

To be honest, sex is most but not all. But they offer sex and do nothing else. They mistake kindness for weakness and younger guys are now gravitating to older women and your Romeo is out there. Trust me, I know.

- LR

No sharing

I don't believe in sharing; that's a lot of trouble and stress. If you can't find the right one, continue enjoying your single lifestyle.

Go to church and accept God, love yourself and put your case before God, He will work it out.

Sometimes if we decide without God, we will make the wrong decision and then wish that we were single again. Some of these men are deceiving. They may seem like Mr Right at first but they are wolves in sheep's clothing. Some of us were meant to be single. So, let God decide. You don't need a man to be happy. It's better to be alone than be with someone and unhappy.


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