Committee successfully sues Portmore council

Published: Monday | March 16, 2009

Mayor of Portmore Keith Hinds (left) with George Lee. - File

The Portmore Municipal Support Committee has won a case against the Portmore Municipal Council. The award was $480,300 in damages and costs.

When the head of the Portmore Municipal Council Keith Hinds was contacted by phone, he said his attorney had not formally informed him of the judgement.

"My lawyer has not formally informed me. Therefore, I cannot speak categorically on the matter," he said.

The defendants were former mayor George Lee's wife, Anieta, and Karen Kennedy. The law firm Knight and Junor defended Mrs Lee and Kennedy.

Profits from telethon

It was revealed that the award stemmed from a 2004 telethon put on by the committee to get money to build a home for the elderly in Portmore. The telethon reaped profits which were allegedly handed over to the Portmore Municipal Council.

The new administration of the council said they could not account for the money.

Lee said the matter was left with Hinds, who promised to call in the fraud squad. Lee's wife and Kennedy later sued.

Lee, in response to the judgement, said he was pleased.

''The whole incident had caused great embarrassment to me," he said.

The judgement was handed down on February 26. Documents regarding the case were served to the Municipal Council on March 3.