Slavery in this modern age

Published: Monday | March 16, 2009

The Editor, Sir:

I am sure Jamaicans are aware of the growing worldwide problem of human slavery.

This dehumanising crime is making a comeback because of the huge profits generated from renting or selling women and children as sex slaves. Usually the victims are either kidnapped or recruited under false pretext as models, caregivers, housekeepers, etc.

Impoverished countries

This practice is facilitated by seemingly legitimate companies going to the Third World, or impoverished countries posing as recruiters for people to work two or three-year contracts outside of the country.

The length of the contract is to pacify the parents or relatives who would not even begin to worry or track down their daughters until the time period expires.

Some Jamaicans may not be sophisticated enough to know that this is happening and what could happen is that the would-be recruit is sent a plane ticket and instructions on what to say to border/immigration personnel.

They will then be picked up at the airport in a van, taken to an unfamiliar location, later to be raped, beaten and forced to work as a prostitute.

It is incumbent on job seekers to protect themselves from being unwitting participants in this recruiting technique by using common sense as part of their due diligence. If something sounds too good to be true you can be sure it is. Let's all do our part to end this despicable activity.

I am, etc.,


Ontario, Canada