Readers journey with Lalah

Published: Friday | March 20, 2009

Skull Point - photo by Robert Lalah

The following are feedback letters to our very popular weekly feature, Roving with Lalah, publishes yesterday.

'A thing for things old'

Dear Robert:

Some months ago, I was driving in Manchester and I saw the old church of which you wrote. I was intrigued by its look and was tempted to stop but I was late for a function and did not. Having a thing for things old - churches, houses, graveyards and such - I committed to going back ... .

Hmm, not too sure now. In fact, when I saw the church, I said to my friend that the church must have been a really old one but that it was rare that one saw a church that had been abandoned.

Thanks for the heads up.. I'll try to capture the bats and share my pictures with you.

I am, etc.,


Can't capture duppy!

Dear Robert:

I really look forward to and love reading your article.

History has it that you can't capture a picture of a duppy any more than you can physically touch one. Did you watch the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze?

I am etc.,


Disappearing bats

Dear Robert:

This is my first time responding to a newspaper article. I am amused about the disappearing bats. I find that one difficult to conceive. I believe your camera malfunctioned or, because the bats were too close for comfort, you inadvertently snapped the roof. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the article, I always do. Keep it up.

I am, etc.,


Logical reason

Dear Robert:

Of course, there is a logical explanation. When you find it, tell us!

I am, etc.,


Should I visit?

Dear Robert:

Can't be true! No bats?!

I wonder if I should visit; just don't want any ghost following me to Kingston.

I am, etc.,


Duppy bats?

Dear Robert:

How many bats did you see flying around there? Maybe they were duppy bats. I enjoy reading your stories.

Keep up the good work.

I am, etc.,


Horror novel!

Dear Robert:

I have always being interested in stories of this type.

I felt as if I was reading a horror novel. You must do more of this type of paranormal stories featuring Jamaican mysteries and legends.

I am, etc.,