Captain's Bakery expands to Mandeville

Published: Wednesday | April 15, 2009

Captain Horace Burrell, owner of Captain's Bakery. - File

Captain's Bakery Limited has expanded to Mandeville, growing the chain to seven stores, one of which is located overseas in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The new Captain's Bakery and Grill includes an eatery that seats 25 and operates out of a three-storey building that once housed Haughton's pharmacy, which Captain Horace Burrell acquired years ago.

Burrell retails breads, buns and pastries under the brand Captain's.

Burrell said he invested $100 million in the new operation - covering the cost to retrofit the building to accommodate his business, as well as equipment and fixtures.

Two lifts to haul flour, sugar and other raw material from the basement to the third floor, and a stand-by generator that can keep the bakery operating at maximum capacity up to three months, or until public power supply returns, were installed.

The transformation took 12 months.

Increase employment

The Mandeville bakery, which opened on April 2, employs 60, but Burrell said he plans to grow staff to 75. The staff were trained over three months in May Pen, Portmore and Cross Roads, while managers from across the train were brought in to plan and execute the smooth opening of the new store.

The bakery sits a stone's throw from the courthouse, along the perimeter of the town's historic park.

Burrell said he acquired the property five years ago. He also told Wednesday Business that he acquired another piece of real estate in Ocho Rios, St Ann, four years ago, where he plans to develop an eighth store.

Burrell said his biggest sellers include ginger bullas - over 400 bags are sold daily - and doughnuts. French bread will soon be added to the list, Burrell said, to satisfy, the demand from the large returning-resident population in Mandeville.