Jamaica College principal honoured by Rotary Club

Published: Wednesday | April 15, 2009


The Rotary Club of Downtown Kingston has awarded Jamaica College (JC) Principal Ruel Reid with the vocational service award in the field of education.

The award was presented during a ceremony at the Hilton Kingston hotel in New Kingston last Wednesday.

Reid was chosen for his stalwart performance in the education system. Among the achievements highlighted was his being awarded, in 2003, for being the youngest headmaster in Jamaica.

The JC principal, who is also a past president of the Jamaica Teachers' Association, is the author of Caribbean Studies, modules I to III, which are used by students sitting Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations.

Reid said he was honoured to be awarded and that he served the education system with pride.

He said his first job, on entering JC, was to transform the school, as there were some issues of violence between its students and those of other schools.

Inaccurate view

Reid happily reported that the view in society that young people are out of control and bring chaos to their schools is not accurate.

"You may have challenges yes, but the antisocial behaviour that is being displayed in the schools is a model of the example around them," he argued.

The educator stressed that it was older people who must take responsibility for the state of affairs in the nation, as the youths were only born under the current conditions and know nothing of how the country got to where it is today.