Of birds birthdays

Published: Friday | April 17, 2009

Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer

The man of the moment, Johnny Gourzong, celebrating his 60th birthday and the various shooting expeditions of last season with wife Lee-Anne at his annual Birdfest at Caribatik in Falmouth, Trelawny, last Saturday.


The invitation said: 'Bring a bottle' and that was all the hundreds of party lovers needed last Saturday to devour birds of all breeds.

Eight months after last year's bird shooting season ended in Jamaica, the bald pates and white wings were primed to be fried, escoveitched, brown-stewed, barbecued and marinated in soya sauce. Summerfest Production's Johnny Gourzong served up a feast of great food and unforgettable music at his annual 'Birdfest' at Caribatik in Falmouth, Trelawny.

It was the largest attendance so far in all the years that this annual event has been staged. This year, it had added significance as guests came to pay tribute to Gourzong, who not only celebrated his impressive bounty shot between Jamaica and Paraguay, but also the commemoration of his 60th birthday.

Musical maestro

Surrounded by friends, his Cornwall College chums, Gourzong, known for his expertise in producing the world's biggest reggae festival, Reggae Sumfest, donned his events-management cap. He pulled out Merritone Disco with Kool 97FM's Michael Thompson at the control.

From as early as 2 p.m., the musical maestro declared his hand, signalling the start to a party that will long be remembered.

Thompson's selections warmed the hearts and reignited the memories of those 60 years and older. By the time he got to the music of the '70s, high school graduates of the early '80s were glued to the dancefloor.


Johnny Gourzong (centre) and the 'boys', from left: Don Topping, Peter Knibb, Jean Farmer, Maxim Clarke, Hugh 'Tommy' Thompson and Keith Slack. - Photos by Janet Silvera

Senator Dennis Meadows and the fabulous G2K legal advisor Tova Hamilton enjoying themselves at the Birdfest.

From Left: Air Jamaica captain, Patrick Smith, and his wife Meisha and friends, Patrick Smith and his wife Anna, are caught on camera.

John Swaby, a master of stages, lights, props and decor for events, allowed the cameras near him. With his daughter taking charge of the business, he was able to cool out at Johnny Gourzong's Birdfest.

Winston and Denise Dear danced 'Blueberry Hill' as if they had just met.

Karen Ffrench (left) and Gail Bell look great in their cool outfits.