Who is Stephen Fray?

Published: Tuesday | April 21, 2009

Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau:

Twenty-one-year-old Stephen Fray lives with his father and grandmother at the family home in the quiet residential community of Albion in Montego Bay, St James.

His neighbours view him as a polite and helpful individual who was not known to be involved in any illicit activities.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an Albion resident revealed that Fray recently offered to help find some customers for some clothes that one of his neighbours had on sale.

"I respected his manners, as whenever he passed in the mornings, he would say good morning or good afternoon. I have never seen him display any kind of behaviour out of the norm," the concerned resident told The Gleaner.

However, The Gleaner has learnt that Fray has been dealing with difficult personal issues in recent times.

Fray was an avid track-and-field athlete while attending Mount Alvernia Preparatory. He excelled in academics, which earned him a spot at Cornwall College, from which he graduated in 2003. Fray later attended the Montego Bay Community College (MBCC) and graduated last year.

Schoolmate of the troubled young man, Rayon Earle, explained that while growing up, Fray was considered a timid individual and not someone who could carry out such an act.

"He and I were schoolmates at Mount Alvernia Prep and Montego Bay Community College. We ran together on the track team in prep school," a surprised Earle stated. "Fray was a quiet, but playful person who had a sense of humour."

Not a violent person

MBCC was abuzz with discussion on the hijacking incident yesterday. One female student, who did not wish to be identified, said Fray seemed fine when she last saw him just two weeks ago.

"When I saw him the other day he looked ok to me. We don't know Fray to be a violent person; he was very jovial and sociable while he was at school. I just hope that whatever he is going through he will be fine, " she said

The Fray family are well-known businesspersons in Montego Bay, as his grandfather once operated a furniture store, and some of his other relatives operate their own businesses. The Gleaner understands that Stephen Fray's father is a licensed firearm holder.