New List of Police Division Heads Released

Published: Tuesday | April 28, 2009

As of May 4, the following police officers will head the 19 police geographic divisions.

Police Area One

1. Westmoreland Supt Dezeita Taylor

2. Hanover Supt Dermoth Lawrence

3. St James Supt Maurice Robinson

4. Trelawny Supt Lynette Williams Martin

Police Area Two

1. St Ann Supt Gary Griffiths

2. St Mary Supt Dudley Scott

3. Portland Supt Anthony Powell

NB: Superintendent Dudley Scott previously served as the divisional commander for Portland before his new assignment. This is Scott's second stint as divisional commander for St Mary.

Police Area Three

1. St Elizabeth Supt Merrick Watson

2. Manchester Supt Ryland Salmon

3. Clarendon Supt Dathan Henry

Police Area Four

1. Kingston East Supt Michael Bailey

2. Kingston Central Supt Winthrope Budhoo

3. Kingston West Supt Hugh Bish

4. St Andrew Central Supt Terrence Bent

5. St Andrew South SSP Donovan Graham

Police Area Five

1. St Catherine North Supt Assan Thompson

2. St Catherine South Supt Marlon Nesbeth

3. St Andrew North Supt Anthony Castelle

4. St Thomas Supt Jonathan Morrison

denotes new divisional commanders

The following officers are the police area commanders:

1. Assistant Commissioner of Police Denver Frater Area One

2. Assistant Commissioner of Police Derrick Shand Area Two

3. Assistant Commissioner of Police Kingsley Robinson Area Three

4. Assistant Commissioner of Police Jervis Taylor Area Four

5. Assistant Commissioner of Police Leon Rose Area Five