Published: Sunday | May 31, 2009

Photos by Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
LEFT: Everything's exquisite about this house starting with the cut-stone wall at the front.
RIGHT: Just think of the view from the back porch.

Motoring around various parts of the island from our Kingston base, the Outlook team decided it was time to head 'next door' to St Catherine.

The thing with this lovely and diverse parish is, it's BIG! And so, for that reason, there are tons of places to call home. Our tough task was whittling it down to those communities that were the 'uppity' of the upscale. So here goes (in no order of preference).

Green Acres

Talk about getting away from it all. Green Acres is the type of community that makes you forget there are cares in the world. Not far from the famed Dovecot (hey at least you won't have any disturbance from those residents), the community is still within touching distance of the major services (police, hospital and fire brigade). With the fabulous views and cool weather (we went on a slightly overcast day to boot), and you should have no complaints. Unless you don't like to drive.


    We figured since Portmore is special (being a municipality and all), we gave it its own section.

    Hellshire Heights

    Not everybody is crazy about living in Portmore, especially Hellshire (it far man!). Despite the drive, Hellshire Heights is a dream place to reside. The wind blowing through your hair (if you have any), the peace and quiet, and of course the view of the harbour, all make this side of the Sunshine City one of the great-to-live areas of St Catherine.

    The area even has its own attractions, within walking distance, that others across the island would travel to see. The Two Sisters Caves, and three beaches; Fort Clarence, Hellshire and Sugarman's Beach all make this part of the island, an enjoyable piece of heaven.

    Caribbean Estates

    If you think Hellshire Hills has the monopoly on great locales in Portmore, Caribbean Estates is coming fast behind. This gated community has already caught the eye of many a potential homeowner. With various amenities including a jogging/walking trail, neighbourhood parks in each cluster, shopping complex and Fort Knox-esque security, you might want to give your real estate agent a call.

    Elsewhere in the parish,

    St Jago Heights

    Mere minutes from the sometimes bothersome Spanish Town, St Jago Heights is like the Jacks Hill of St Catherine. Long driveways, pristine lawns and fabulous architecture greet the tired occupant after a hard day of work.

    Newland Heights

    Just outside the bustling crossroads of Ewarton, this little community is home to good ol' working-class Jamaicans who saved up and made their dream homes. There's not a lot of space left though if you're looking for a lot.

    Honourable mentions go out to St Jago Hills which, with the right development, will be one of the pretty communities in a few short years. Also a shout-out to Morris Meadows in Portmore and Portmore Country Club, another gated community turning heads.

    Interesting facts about St Catherine

  • Both the current prime minister and leader of Opposition hail from there.

  • Spanish Town was Jamaica's first capital.

  • The cast-iron bridge in Spanish Town, erected in 1801, is the oldest bridge of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.


    Do you live in Trelawny, Hanover, Portland or St James? Tell us about some of the best residential areas in your parish at: So far our fortnightly feature has covered: St Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Clarendon, St Andrew, St Mary and St Thomas.