In the print edition of the Gleaner, published: Monday | June 8, 2009
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Wanted: Better student teachers - Holness says poor-quality intake into training institutions contributes to weak education at primary schools
Already jolted by data indicating that the standard of education at the primary level is a problem, Education Minister Andrew Holness has declared that the poor quality of students being accepted by teachers' colleges is a major contributing factor...

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GG fêtes Surrey youth
PORT ANTONIO, Portland: Governor General Dr Patrick Allen's 'I Believe' campaign was fully embraced by students from the county of Surrey at a youth breakfast at Frenchman's Cove Hotel last Wednesday. The breakfast meeting, with young people from Kingston...

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JN goes to Africa
JN Money Services Limited (JNMS) has expanded its global presence by establishing a remittance agency in Africa. The move into Ghana is part of a thrust by JNMS to expand its remittance business beyond the Jamaican, United Kingdom (UK), North American and Caribbean...

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Barnes no longer Jamaica's coach - Last-minute goal brings sweet victory over Panama
THERE'S nothing like the sweet taste of victory, especially when it's long in coming. That the game-winning goal came in the last minute made it even sweeter. Keammar Daley's flunked left-footed shot from 15 yards literally crawled to Panamanian goalkeeper Luis Mejia...

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EDITORIAL - Politicians and public accountability
There are not too many people who might know or recall the name Joseph Burey. He died earlier this decade, just as he was entering early middle age. At the time, Joseph Burey was a teacher at Wolmer's Boys' School. Outwardly, he was a quietly decent; but inwardly...

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LETTER OF THE DAY - Merits to integrating JCF and ISCF
The Editor, Sir: The recent announcement by Minister Nelson about the Government's proposal to establish a reserve force is welcome news. The proposal, while not new, is, it would seem, driven by our present-day reality: the need to have in place a genuine reserve...

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Jarcat Records rolls out on red carpet
Jamaica's entertainment industry is rocking to a new beat - the beat of a Web-based recording company called Jarcat Records. The red-carpet launch, dubbed Jarcat Records and The Debut Album Jarcat Grooves Vol.1, as well as the...

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Avis Annan, Jamaican beacon in Ghana
She has come a long way since her days as a nursing sister in England. Today she lives in Ghana with her husband, Edward Annan, a businessman and politician. But her focus now is on the world of soap opera and films. Recently in Jamaica to visit her mother...

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