The road to Zion land

Published: Thursday | June 11, 2009

ATV riders wheel through Mt Zion while testing out the new Chukka Caribbean Adventures excursion.

Truly unique, yet peculiar in its own right, the community of Mount Zion lies between the recognisable boundaries of the 'elegant corridor' resort strip and the new Rose Hall, St James Chukka Caribbean Adventures excursion.

After riding on an ATV Safari or trekking up the hilly, dirt roads, Mount Zion awaits with its cool breeze circulating the densely populated hill. Its people are friendly and its nature spellbinding.

Residents of Mt Zion welcome the pleasant energy that Chukka brings to the area. Though they have their fair share of upsets, including the fact that transportation to the top of the mountain can sometimes be difficult to find after a certain hour, forcing them to adhere to an unwritten, mandatory curfew - many residents there do not have vehicles.

Job creation in the community is another hope for some residents. But for the most part, the friendly society, consisting of farmers, youths, retirees and resort employees, is happy to see a new face every now and then, and moreover, they are content that their community experiences hardly any crime, said 18-year resident, Nerisa Campbell.

Proud of her community

Mount Zion resident Wislin Grennion, who was born and raised in the area, is proud of her community. For 63 years, she has lazed in the serenity of a bright, green landscape and formed friendships with neighbours she now calls family.

"I spent my life here," she said. "All my children were raised here. Not too much has changed over time. We just have a lot more people coming up to see the church."

Jones is referring to the 18th century church perched in the centre of the community. A school is also nearby where most Mount Zion children attend.

Though a small, remote community, Mount Zion has produced some big names, including Hopeton Green, a tennis player of much repute.

Mt Zion residents show off their football skills on a cool afternoon.

Friends 'Chubby' Rankin (left), Damon Brown and Andrew 'Beenie' Blair take a quick break following an afternoon of football in Mt Zion.