Hibbert considers lawsuit

Published: Thursday | July 16, 2009

Only a day after Joseph Hibbert resigned as state minister in the Ministry of Transport and Works, amid an international bribery probe, his lawyer has served notice that he is considering filing a lawsuit against embattled British bridge-building firm Mabey & Johnson.

Mabey & Johnson last week pleaded guilty to bribing public officials in Jamaica and Ghana in a British court, months after British officials named Hibbert a person of interest in their investigation.

Necessary action

"We will be taking the necessary action when the time is right," Hibbert's attorney, Ernest Smith, told The Gleaner yesterday. "As soon as the contractor general completes his report we will be seeking legal recourse."

Smith said he has the option of filing a lawsuit at this time, but does not want to cloud the issue.

"When the probes vindicate my client, then we will proceed," he said.