Bravery celebrated

Published: Thursday | August 6, 2009

Seven people have been awarded the badge of honour for gallantry BH(G) this year, including two individuals who assisted victims in the tragic Portland truck crash that killed 14 people last December.

Erick Spence, who risked his life in rescue efforts at the Rio Grande Valley, and Dr Warren Jengelley, who assisted in the recovery of victims in the tragic accident, will be recognised for their contributions when the awards are handed out on National Heroes Day in October.

Others to be awarded include Colin Foster, who is being recognised for his courage in saving the life of his bed-ridden great-grandmother when their house was completely destroyed by fire on December 6, 2006.

Kareem Lawson and Jermaine Selvin will be awarded for their courage in saving the lives of two adults after their car plunged into the Rio Cobre on April 19, last year, while Winston Quest, another awardee, will be recognised for his bravery in rescuing a family of four from drowning in Discovery Bay last August.

Orett Williams will also be in the spotlight, when he will be honoured for his courage in attempting to save the lives of three boys who were drowning last year. He only managed to save two as the third boy was too far out.