Vera Grant-Sharpe - A Samaritan goes home

Published: Thursday | August 6, 2009

Barbara Ellington, Lifestyle Editor

Family members and Rev Dr Barry Davidson (left), in a sombre mood after the casket bearing the remains of Vera Grant-Sharpe was lowered into the grave at Dovecot Cemetery, St Catherine, on Friday July 31. - photo by Barbara Ellington

Using the words of I Thessalonians 4:15 as his frame of reference, Rev Dr Barry Davidson spoke about the importance of the home in an individual's life. He recalled his days as a student in Chicago, Illinois when the late Vera Grant-Sharpe provided him with a home away from home.

"A home-like atmosphere is important to someone who is in a strange country, and Vera Grant-Sharpe provided me with healthy meals, love, support and the ingredients necessary to make the sense of homelessness go away," he said. He described the gesture as a priceless service provided bythe deceased to many students including himself and said he knew Jesus had prepared for her, the kind of hospitality in heaven, she gave to others on earth.


In eulogising their mother, three of her four children: Dr Carl Grant, Elaine Grant-Bryan and Marjorie Grant-Fuller, presented three different perspectives of the woman who had moulded their lives. To Carl, she was, " ... a hard-working, determined mother to whom their education was very important. She also gave us a Christian foundation by insisting we attend church here at Galilee Gospel Hall."

Elaine saluted her mother for being a good example, whose love of flowers and ability to cook delicious meals would be missed. "Mommy loved to dance, loved to shop and loved her church where she gave diligent service. She made a positive and significant difference in our lives," Elaine said.

Favourite foods

In the form of a letter to her mother, Marjorie recalled several trips overseas and across the United States with her mother whose favourite foods were lobster, shrimp and fish.

Vera Grant-Sharpe died on June 20 in California and got her wish to be buried in her country, Jamaica. The service in celebration of her life was held at Galilee Gospel Hall in Kingston and she was interred at Dovecot cemetery, on July 31. She is survived by four children, grandchildren, a sibling, other relatives and friends.