Withdrawals weaken super Jamaica team

Published: Friday | August 14, 2009

Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator


WHAT was a super Jamaica team, which was preparing to depart for Barbados later this month for the second leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship, has now weakened significantly as several of the top drivers have backed out at the last minute due to various reasons.

"Only one of our top drivers will be going, and that is David Summerbell. It is very disappointing, but I know that David (Summerbell) will try and keep the Jamaican flag flying high," noted Hillary Jardine, president of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club.

Reports are that Summerbell will now be joined by Jaleel Handal. While the cars were shipped to the wharf for departure today, both drivers and their support crew are scheduled to arrive in Barbados on Thursday, August 27.

The qualifying for grid position takes place on August 29, while the championship is set for the following day.

"I am bit disappointed because with the absence of the other guys, it means that Jamaica, for the first time, could lose the team title. But I am just hoping that Jaleel (Handal) will score some points," said Summerbell.

With the backing of his new sponsor, Total, Summerbell was able to effectively repair his Mitsubishi Evolution, which got damaged in an accident involving Doug Gore at the recent Dover race meet.

"Total is fully committed and stands behind Summerbell, supporting his effort in representing the country," a spokesperson for Team Summerbell said yesterday.

Explaining why he is unable to contest the second leg of the championship at this time, Montegonian Doug Gore had two main reasons.


"I wanted so badly to go to Barbados but the injuries sustained in the accident at Dover have not healed, plus, the Evolution 10 that I was hoping to compete with is without the power we wanted. We were unable to get the parts for it," Gore told The Gleaner yesterday.

The other drivers down to make the trip are Chris Campbell, who has been struck by the global recession. The lack of sponsorship has kept him away, while Gary Williams is stuck in Panama with business commitments.