How to apply for a Jamaican passport

Published: Wednesday | August 19, 2009

A passport is a secure travel document that is often used to show proof of one's identity as well as citizenship. It is used for international travel and must, therefore, meet International Civil Aviation Organisation standards. The mandate of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) is to provide a document that is of the highest integrity.

Persons applying for a Jamaican passport should ensure that they fulfil the following requirements in order to be issued with the document:

General Information

1. Submit a completed application form accompanied by two passport-sized photographs. Application forms are available at our offices at 25C Constant Spring Road; Overton Plaza, Montego Bay and at Immigration Offices at Police Headquarters islandwide and on our website at

2. Ensure that passport application forms and at least one of the photographs are certified by persons authorised to do so. A listing of such persons is noted on the application form.

3. Ensure that your application form and photograph are valid. Application forms and photographs are valid up to six months after the date of certification.

4. Note that fees ($2,500 for adults and $1,500 for children) must be paid on the day the application is submitted.

5. Please take along supporting documents (such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate where necessary or school records where required) with your passport applications. Documents should not be laminated or photocopied.

First-time applicants

Persons who have never held a passport MUST appear in person either at the head office at 25C Constant Spring Road or to an immigration officer situated in the police divisional headquarters in each parish.

Note to applicants for renewal of passport:

A passport may be renewed if it is expired, if there are no more pages for visas or if the holder has changed his or her name. The applicant is required to complete an application form and submit the expired passport as well as his or her birth certificate and photographs.

Women who are married/divorced or widowed and using the surname of their husband, are required to submit a marriage certificate issued by the Registrar General's Department. In the case of persons married overseas, a marriage certificate issued by the state is required.

Applications for minors

Where an application is being made for a minor (person under 18), one of the parents or a legal guardian is required to complete the application form. Persons appointed as legal guardians should also present the letter from the court conferring guardianship on that individual.

Persons acting on behalf of a parent, who is overseas, need a letter of authorisation and copy of the parent's passport or valid photo ID.

Children three years and over are required to appear in person with their parent/guardian for all applications.

Collecting Passports

Passports are issued on the date stipulated on the receipt. If collecting in person, the applicant is expected to present the receipt. If collecting on behalf of another person, a letter signed by the applicant and a copy of the applicant's ID must accompany the receipt.

To ensure that you have all that is needed to properly complete your passport application, we have included a checklist which you may keep as a quick guide when needed.

First time for an Adult

1 Birth certificate/certificate of citizenship/adoption Certificate

2 Valid photo identification

3 Certified application form

4 Two photographs (one of which must be certified)

5 Marriage certificate (Women using a married name)

6 Fee - $2500

Renewal - Adult

1 Birth certificate/certificate of citizenship/adoption certificate

2 Current passport

3 Certified application form

4 Two photographs (one of which must be certified)

5 Marriage certificate (Women using a married name)

6 Fee - $2500

Application for a Minor

1 Birth certificate/certificate of Citizenship/adoption certificate

2 Certified application form

3 Sections C and E must be completed and signed by parent/legal guardian

4 Parent's ID

5 Two photographs (one of which must be certified)

6 Fee - $1500

Processing time for applications

Seven working days for compliant applications received at 25c Constant Spring Road

Ten working days for applications received in Montego Bay at Overton Plaza.

The PICA Corner

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