SOCIALINGUA: Putting you in the entertainment spotlight

Published: Monday | August 24, 2009

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

The dynamic duo, Fern Foster and Dale-Kurt Murray.

You are at a social event and, snap, your picture is taken. You then wonder what this is about and which entertainment medium is featuring you. Well, it could very well be SociaLingua, one of the latest entertainment media that is taking its well-deserved space in the entertainment industry.

The brainchild of Dale-Kurt Murray and team partner Fern Foster, SociaLingua is a brand management company which, among other things, helps companies and promoters in brand management and promotions by utilising the media space through the Internet and other avenues. This, Murray says, is one of the main objectives of the company.

According to the 31-year-old, the company began in January of this year and is now focusing on covering social events but, of course, with a difference. "We try to focus on social scenes but we don't necessarily stick to nightlife. We are more diversified because we cover different types of entertainment activities, for example, we do parties and still cover events like Calabash or Caribbean Fashionweek."

Through capturing social scenes, as well as creating video blogs for persons and companies, SociaLingua is on a path to creating brand awareness for itself. "We started operations early this year and we thought the best thing to do was to market ourselves first and have people anticipating us."

Anticipating because the company is yet to launch a website showcasing all its work, including pictures. So far, these are posted on the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Soft launch

As it relates to the website, the management is expecting to have a soft launch towards the end of the year. Despite not having a specific location for persons to access them, the company is still doing well.

The man behind SociaLingua, Dale-Kurt Murray, had a vision in 2007 and is now living his dream of being managing director of his own company.

Foster, who acts as the company's public relations director, says the reception from the public has been good. "We are getting some good feedback; people are commenting about the type and quality of our pictures."

Coming to the table with a difference as it relates to social coverage, Foster says capturing these events is more than taking snapshots. "People can live vicariously through the pictures as if they were in attendance. The idea is about photo journalism and we use professional photographers to do the jobs."

She also notes that SociaLingua is in itself a brand and things are done from a business standpoint bearing in mind clients and prospects at all times.

Currently, there are eight staff members including developers, photographers and videographers. Soon, SociaLingua will begin to aggressively pursue businesses that want to tap into a certain market online. And this, Murray says, will be quite fruitful for any company. "Brand management is primarily important especially in this economic downturn and companies are cutting back too as a result but the social media space can be utilised and be beneficial."

So far, SociaLingua has received contracts with different companies and are consistently getting more through referrals.

Foster, who studied public health at Johns Hopkins University in the United States of America, had all intentions of studying medicine once she returned home but on hearing Murray's idea for a company in 2007, she jumped on board. Today, being the public relations director of SociaLingua is her full-time job.

As for Murray, with his love for the Internet and experience in web development, this job seems like the perfect fit for him.

You can access SociaLingua at : facebook/ or twitter/

'We started operations early this year and we thought the best thing to do was to market ourselves first and have people anticipating us.'