About Bolt and Owens

Published: Friday | August 28, 2009


IN RESPONSE to Devon Dick's column, singing the praises of Usain Bolt, we can all agree that Bolt's exploits on the track defy normal and pedestrian descriptions. When he competes, it's now Usain Bolt and everyone else - especially in the big-time events.

That said, Rev Dick had it wrong when he said that Bolt had the quickest reaction time in the 100m sprint final at the recent World Championships. In fact, Bolt had the third slowest reaction time with only Marc Burns (Trinidad and Tobago) and Darvis 'Doc' Patton (United States) having slower reaction times. In the 200m sprint final, Bolt did have the quickest reaction time of all in that race.


Notwitstanding, mere words could not describe the jubilation I felt watching (on TV) Usain Bolt, not only winning the sprint finals in Berlin, but in the manner in which he won. In 1936, that very same stadium in Berlin witnessed the exploits of Jesse Owens, and in 2009 it witnessed the exploits of Usain Bolt. The former destroyed Hitler's 'Aryan Master Race' crap and the latter is destroying world records and raising questions on just how fast it's possible to race the sprints.

I am, etc.,

Trevor Dawes