Stop the bias!

Published: Friday | August 28, 2009


IN RESPONSE to the article, 'A terrible insult to Jamaican women' in Thursday's Gleaner, I must say, as a Jamaican woman, I found the piece totally insulting.

I believe in the richness of our culture, reflected in our motto 'Out of Many, One People'. Although Jamaica is predominantly a population of mixed ethnicity (blacks), it must be recognised that persons of a straight ethnic background (for example, Chinese, Caucasions, Indians, etc.,) have no less rights and privileges to be Jamaican than 'blacks' do.

All have the right

We are blessed to be a melting pot and to have such a diversification of colour, creed, size, shapes, culture (food, dress, festivities, etc.,) and we have come a long way to achieve this. Jamaica has beautiful women - some are white, some are black, some are Orientals. All have the right and privilege to represent us.

Stop the bias! I am sure Miss Jamaica had the credentials to be the winner, especially given the way the winner is chosen. She is now an ambassador for us - let us support her even though she may not have been your choice. We are blessed to have a democracy and, under that scenario, the majority vote is what matters!

I am, etc.,

Angela Bisasor