Published: Friday | August 28, 2009

Let's drink to success. From left, Ann Dawn Young-Sang, Brian George, Erick Dyson, Paul Hoo, Jose B. Guzman and Elvin Diaz share a toast as Supreme Ventures Limited launches its mother of all lotto games, Super Lotto, at Pure Plush Lounge, Trinidad Terrace, New Kingston on Tuesday.

Whomever said everything is bigger in Texas certainly did not hear about Supreme Ventures Limited's Super Lotto Game. Well, after much fanfare and hype, the big 'draws' are here and Pure Plush Lounge on Trinidad Terrace in New Kingston was the venue for the super launch party held on Tuesday. We have the evidence for you.

Brian Brown and Janette Stewart cut a rug at the festivities. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

From left, the big guns behind Super Lotto, Paul Hoo, Ian Levy, Janette Stewart, Brian George, Ann Dawn Young-Sang, Erick Dyson and Pedro Zeyas.