Remembering Teddy

Published: Friday | August 28, 2009

This undated file photo shows the Kennedy brothers, former President John F. Kennedy (left), Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy (right) in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Ted Kennedy died after battling a brain tumor. - FILE photos

Whether you like it or not, the last 50 years have been made that much more exciting because of the Kennedys. They have often been regarded as the closest thing America has had to royalty. But, more important, this family has come to represent racial equality and the value of service to mankind whether hale and hearty or physically challenged. Walk good, Ted Kennedy.

In this October 28, 1965 file photo Edward M. Kennedy arrives with his wife Joan in Vietnam. Kennedy, the liberal lion of the Senate, died after battling a brain tumour. He was 77. Kennedy's family announced his death in a brief statement released early Wednesday.