Time to help our children

Published: Wednesday | September 2, 2009

Hi Neighbour! Last Friday was both tiring and re-energising for the Hello Mi Neighbour team. Spirits are still high: dozens of students received back-to-school supplies with very little burden on their parents. During the months of July and August, our office received several calls and letters from some neighbours whose children would have gone back to school in September with an empty bag if no one gave a helping hand.

As gatekeepers of neighbourliness, the Hello Mi Neighbour solicitation machinery was activated at the beginning of August. Friends, relatives, neighbours and business entities were asked to support a back-to-school book drive. Despite our economic situation, many cheerful givers did not hesitate to come on board. Books and other school supplies came from the north, south, east and west. Thanks neighbours!

Parents who came to collect books for their children at our St Andrew location were extremely thankful to those who donated to their cause. To show their appreciation, some persons from rural areas brought cane, guava, breadfruit, green bananas and plantains to share. One particular family was so grateful that she thanked us about a dozen times as she packed her bag with books and clothing. Bunny, father of three, after getting his supply, asked for something for children on his lane. We had enough to share. He blessed us and left with a promise to play his part in keeping the spirit of neighbourliness alive in the community.

Detommie Sergeant and Omar Thomas from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) brought additional joy to the day's activities. The stack of back-to-school books which they collected from co-workers could not be more timely. Of course, this gesture was in addition to the company's financial contribution to the book drive. Thanks to you, JPS, for improving lives with your energy. Hello Mi Neighbour is also very grateful to the National Commercial Bank for its financial contribution towards our book drive on behalf of some young neighbours in our midst. This is another clear indication that you are bent on building a 'Better Jamaica'.

For the rest of us, let's keep loving our neighbours as ourselves and do something good for someone every day. Watch out for the children on their way back to school and have a very good 'neighbourday'.

Bonito Cameron receives some books for his daughter during a back-to-school book drive hosted by Hello Mi Neighbour at the Webster Memorial United Church last Friday. Making the presentation is Hello Mi Neighbour Programme Administrator Derie Gilzeane. - Peta-Gaye Clachar/Freelance Photographer

Help a neighbour today

(This is a repeat of last week's)

1. Joy, Kingston, young Christian mother of a seven-month-old - finding it difficult to survive. Asking Clarendon neighbours for assistance with a used stove to prepare meals.

2. Akeem, St Catherine - father is unemployed and unable to send him back to school. Appealing to neighbours for assistance with khaki uniforms and other school supplies

3. St Cole, St Catherine, is appealing to neighbours to assist a girl in second form. Her parents and grandmother are unemployed and unable to assist. She needs books, shoes and uniforms.

4. Neighbour, St Andrew - is five months pregnant and in need of maternity and baby clothing.

5. Sarah, St Catherine - appealing to neighbours on behalf of 90-year-old man who is in need of food and bed linen.

6. Neighbour, Clarendon, is blind and needs help in sending daughter to school. Asking neighbours for financial assistance to rear chickens to be better able to take care of her daughter.

7. Young neighbour, St Ann - appealing for help with a second-hand computer to complete assignments.

8. Anthony, St Catherine - a disabled man who needs help with zinc sheets for his roof which is in a deplorable condition.

9. Kay, St Andrew, Is seven months pregnant and in need of newborn's clothing and diapers.

10. Ms Lewis, St Mary - needs church and casual clothing for her four-year-old daughter. Unable to purchase items at this time.

To help, please call 906-3167, 884-3866 or 373-7745 or email neighbourtoo@yahoo.com and we will make the link-up. Those who desire to make financial donations to this project may make deposits to Acct # 351 044 276 at the National Commercial Bank. Bank routing ID: JNCBJMKX.

Thanks to these neighbours

1. Merline (St Andrew) for contributing girl's clothing.

2. Elaine (St Andrew) for extending help to Ms Allen in need of back-to-school assistance.

3. Thanks to Ms Edwards for donating khaki uniforms to neighbours in need.

4. Mr Brown, thanks for donating exercise books to neighbours in need

5. Ms Malcolm thanks for offering a sewing machine to Hortense in need.

6. Mr and Mrs Bailey (St Mary) for donating shoes, sneakers, pens and pencils to our little neighbours in need.

7. To Vivia (USA), thanks for offering clothing and school supplies.

8. Mr Cross, thanks for assisting your neighbour in Manchester with chickens and feed.

9. Cordette, St Catherine, thanks for donating clothing for teens and young adults.

10. Veronica, St Andrew, thanks for offering a refrigerator to a neighbour in need.