Letters - I just wanna watch HBO, Cinemax

Published: Friday | October 16, 2009

Thanks for your article on HBO and Cinemax published September 2. It gave me some answers as to why these two important channels were missing from my line-up.

I know you might not be able to help me get back these channels but I just wish to share with you my thoughts.

I depend on these channels to unwind, relax and to be part of my source of movie-viewing. I work all week and depend on these channels on the weekend to release stress. Not having them right now feels like I am incomplete.

Wrong and illegal

Also, I have never purchased a movie off the streets. That, to me, is wrong and illegal. Also, I don't want to own the movie, I just wanna watch it.

I am more of a TV person than anything else. I don't listen to reggae and dancehall so I don't go to dances. I prefer to stay home and watch HBO and Cinemax.

Well, I hope there can be some kind of agreement so we can all get back the original channels and not some watered-down versions. If not, maybe it's time to migrate.


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