Greetings, the Jamaican way - Spanish Town man plans to take over local greeting card market

Published: Tuesday | November 24, 2009

Fitzroy Barnett - contributed

MOVE OVER, Hallmark, Post Note Greetings is on its way! OK, perhaps Hallmark is safe for now, but someday Post Note Greetings may be a real competitor.

Post Note Greetings is a company set up by Fitzroy Barnett, a Spanish Town man with a passion for religion and a dream to shake up the local greeting-card industry.

"My goal is for the business to grow and become the first thing Jamaicans think of when they want to send greeting cards," said Barnett.

He's a devout Christian and long-time member of St Catherine's Portmore Mis-sionary Church. He also spends a lot of time touring local prisons and minis-tering to inmates.

"My passion is the Lord and that is the message I want to bring across in the cards," he said.

Barnett has written what he calls inspirational messages and paired them with Christian-themed images he purchased from a local artist. The result is what he today calls Post Note Greetings.

"I just wanted to create some authentic Jamaican greeting cards that spread the message of God, that can inspire those who both send and receive them. My main intention is to spread the word of God," said Barnett.

The cards are a cross between postcards and greeting cards, with a section reserved for the sender to write a personal message. At the same time, there's an inspira-tional message on each card, not unlike those found on tradi-tional greeting cards.

"It was while I was in Ghana on a mission with my church that the idea came to me. I was there for a short time, but the idea really stuck with me. As soon as I got home, I decided to set the plan in motion," said the retired custo-mer service manager.

A few months later, the first set of cards was ready just in time for the Christmas card-sen-ding season.

"I will see how the Christmas season goes and hopefully expand it after that," said Barnett.

Post Note Greetings cards are available at bookstores and pharmacies in Kingston and St Andrew.

Samples of his cards. - Contributed Photos

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