Men under threat - The Promise, The Perpetrator, The Plundered

Published: Sunday | December 6, 2009

It is a truism often repeated but it is worth repeating time and again - Jamaican men are fast becoming an endangered species.

Between January 1 and November 30, almost 1,230 men were murdered across the island, and this does not include those killed by members of the security forces.

In fact, the latest figure released by the police show 1,504 persons killed, with 1,275, or almost 85 per cent, being men.

Last month, 118 males were murdered while a further 19 were killed by the police, some in questionable circumstances that residents claim were extrajudicial killings.

Checks by The Sunday Gleaner have shown that neither age nor geography made a difference in the month, as the victims in November included 12-year-old Anthony Durant, who was killed in Portland, and 93-year-old Albert Milliner, murdered in St Thomas.

Almost every other parish lost two or more men to crime during the month.

Men, though dying in large numbers, continue to hold key leadership positions in the private and public sectors. Equally, men, many in the 15-25 age group, are over-represented among persons involved in criminal activity.

To underscore the clear and present danger facing the country, The Sunday Gleaner presents a compilation of the Constabulary Communication Network's (CCN) releases on the males killed in November. The listing reflects the date of the CCN release and the places where the killings took place.

Nov 1

Anthony Bailey, 58, of Red Road, Palmers Cross, Clarendon.

Oneil Clarke 25, Homestead Road, Kingston 2

Donavan Cooper 46, Bog Walk gorge, St Catherine.

Nov 2

Omar Faulknor 23, Jointwood, St Elizabeth

Christopher Smith, 26, Nelson Mandela Highway, St Catherine

Paul Anthony Bruce, 50, Smokey Vale, St Andrew

Dennis Wright, 38, Elderslie, Maggotty, St Elizabeth

Jarvis Duffus, 22, o/c 'Jacko' of St Albans Lane, Kingston

Carrington Hall, 18, o/c 'Adman', White Lane, Waterhouse, Olympic Gardens, Kingston 11

Nov 3

George Walker, 44, Marlie Hill, Browns Hall, St Catherine,

Juvann Livingston, 20, Allamby Crescent, Cumberland, Portmore, St Catherine

Raphael Barkley, 41, Packer Lane, Seaforth, St Thomas

Michael Wallace, believed to be about 25 years old, Packer Lane, Seaforth, St Thomas

Nov 4

Michael Brown, 34, Waltham Park Road, Kingston 11

Wayne Johnson, 38, Bog Walk, St Catherine

Ryan Rose, o/c 'Crebbie', 36, Catherine Hall, St James

Jahvon Rose, 17, Bryce Hill Road, August Town, Kingston 7

Unidentified man, believed to be mid-50s, Robert Avenue, Vineyard Town, Kingston 3

Errol Henry o/c 'Flex', 34, Cockburn Avenue, Kingston 11

Unidentified man, 50s, corner of Burke Road and Young Street, Spanish Town, St Catherine

Nov 5

Osbourne Boucher, 42, of Thatch Walk, Manchester

'Breeze', about 39, Rail Way Lane, Montego Bay, St James

Orane Dunn, o/c 'Warface' of Bowers Drive, Old Harbour

Everton Hylton, 42, McCook's Pen, St Catherine

Nov 6

Unidentified man, Park Lane, Red Hills Road, Kingston 19

Unidentified man, Park Lane, Red Hills Road, Kingston 19

Jarrett Grant, 17, of Giddy Hall, St Elizabeth

Sheldon Riggan, 19, o/c 'Jasper' of Cove Road, Montpelier, Hanover

Unidentified, is believed to be in his late 20s, Mafoota, St James

Nov 7

Rennick Burrell, 80, Duke Street, downtown Kingston

Narado Hinds, 28, Pear Tree, St Andrew

Terrence Gordon, 30, Pear Tree, St Andrew

Andrew Nelson, 43, Kingston leg of the Portmore toll road

Donovan Bruce, 49, Caymanas Park stables, St Catherine

Nov 8

Jessie Walters, 34, Bunkers Hill, Trelawny,

Dudley Duncan, 60, Banbury, Linstead, St Catherine

Conroy Thompson o/c 'Chris', 29, Sawyers, Trelawny

André Nugent, o/c 'Chumparu', 22, Solitaire Road, Kingston 11

Carl Nicholson, o/c 'Kels' and 'Tirry', 23, Majesty Gardens, Kingston 11

Michael Brown, 32, South Road, Kingston 10

Nov 9

Denton Ellison, 35, Glendevon, St James

Dwayne Smith, 32, 'Bower Bank', Windward Road, Kingston 2

Alrick Jarrett, 19, 'Bower Bank', Windward Road, Kingston 2

Troy Bonner, 22, o/c 'Jubbie' and 'Hot Head' of Old Road, Kitson Town.

Roger Johnson, 51, St Benedict Heights, Kingston 17

Donavon Davis, 53, Hellshire main road, Portmore, St Catherine

Unidentified man, early 20s, Trench Town, Kingston 14

Nov 10

Unidentified man, about 20, Greenwich Street, Kingston 12

Raymond McIntosh, o/c 'Shawn', 24, Gordon Pen, Spanish Town, St Catherine

Earl Edwards, o/c 'Tracey Boy', 22, Grenmeade Road, Maverley, Kingston 20

Eugene Williams, o/c 'Cripple', 33, Grenmeade Road, Maverley, Kingston 20

Ricardo Mulai, 32, Rosemount, Montego Bay, St James

Nov 11

Oneil Lewin, o/c 'Springy', 35, Mount Hindmost, Clarendon

Nov 12

Anthony Durant, 12, Port Antonio, Portland

Desmond Brown, 27, Windsor, St Ann

Nov 13

Unidentified man, late 30s, Rose Lane, Kingston 11

Richard Corbeck, o/c 'John Gotti', 24, Bridgeport, St Catherine

Errol Finn, 60, Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10

Nov 14

Dale Robinson, 39, Porus main road in Manchester

Leslie Wilson, 39, Woodhaven Avenue, Kingston 19

Devon Simpson, 20, Falmouth, Trelawny

Davian Spikes, o/c 'Shark', 20, Galina, St Mary

Nov 15

Delroy Sanderson, o/c 'Tenderlist', 39, Old Harbour, St Catherine

Unidentified man, early 20s, New Lincoln Road, Kingston 5

Sylvester Williams, 30, Waterford, Portmore, St Catherine

Jeffery Stephens, o/c 'Singer Blacks', 25, Woodpecker Avenue, Kingston 11

Kenneth Wynter, o/c 'Roger', 67, Kitson Town, St Catherine

Vincent Young, 61, Mandeville, Manchester

Richard Robinson, o/c 'Richie', 22, Arnett Gardens, Kingston 12

Nov 16

Unidentified man, early 20s, Newlands, Portmore, St Catherine

Nov 17

Wayne Tappin, 42, Portmore, St Catherine

Fabian Clarke, 24, intersection of Lakes Pen Road and Grange Lane, St Catherine

William Wilson, 46, intersection of Lakes Pen Road and Grange Lane, St Catherine

Newman Ferguson, o/c 'Freaky', 22, Lesterfield, Clarendon

Nov 18

Dalworth Sawyers, 27, Montpelier, Hanover

Clive Mitchell, 19, Goldsmith Villa, August Town, Kingston 7

Dennis Brown, 39, Land Top, St Thomas

Unidentified man, early 20s, Port Henderson Road, Portmore, St Catherine

Albert Milliner, o/c 'Butty' and 'Liquor Back', 93, Golden Grove, St Thomas

Nov 19

Samuel Facey, o/c 'Bubu', 38, Four Paths, Clarendon

Nov 20

Richard Bailey, 29, Dyke Road, Portmore, St Catherine

Martino Bailey, 33, of Pleasant Hill, Bog Walk, St Catherine

Oneil Gordon, o/c 'Gideon', 25, Cooreville Gardens, Kingston 20

Derrick Harry, o/c 'Crazy', 28, Montego Bay, St James

Fabian Carvey, o/c 'Zaza', 19, Majesty Gardens, Kingston 11

Unidentified man, late 20s, Felix Fox Boulevard, Kingston 14

Jacob Thompson, 61, Calabar Mews, Kingston 20

Nov 21

Ricardo Smith, 22, Rose Heights, Montego Bay, St James

Carrie Kelly, 23, University Road, Kingston 7.

Marca White o/c 'Hookworm', Morant Bay, St Thomas

Nov 22

Donmare Facey, o/c 'Donmark', 24, Westmore Gardens, Spanish Town, St Catherine

'Jim', early 20s, Westmore Gardens, Spanish Town, St Catherine

Nico Richards, o/c 'Nico Richie' and 'Hutsyman', 21, Riverton Meadows, Kingston 20

Decovora Pennicooke, 56, Warminster, St Elizabeth

Unidentified man, Bushy Park, Portmore Pines, St Catherine

Jason Knight, o/c 'Butty', 24, Church Pen, Old Harbour, St Catherine

Nigel Reid, o/c 'Fire Blacks', 25, Church Pen, Old Harbour, St Catherine

Ean O'Connor, o/c ' Bigga', 25, Church Pen, Old Harbour, St Catherine

Nov 23

Lloyd Gayle, o/c 'Glen', 69, Cave, Bluefields, Westmoreland

Steve Minto, 45, Paisley, Adelphi, St James

Robert Binns, 23, Callaloo Mews, Kingston 11

Napel Samuels, 28, Penwood Crescent, Kingston 11

Andrew Cameron, 31, Bogue Hill, St James

Mark Ellis, o/c 'Clive' and 'Strippy', 24, Willow Way, St Catherine

Unidentified man, about 30, Big Lane, Central Village, St Catherine.

Nov 24

Craig Dinnal, 25, Arnett Gardens, Kingston 12

Edgar Smith, 52, Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10

Unidentified man, 48, Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10

Warren Anderson, 34, West Henderson Boulevard, Portmore, St Catherine

Nov 25

Lenford Hamilton o/c 'Shatta John', 52, Nugent Street, Spanish Town, St Catherine

Henry Myers, o/c 'City Blue', 47, Seaforth, St Thomas

'Mr Kerr' or 'Bikey', about 55, Top Halse Hall, Clarendon

Dwayne Leroy Allen, 27, Spanish Town, St Catherine

Nov 26

Steven McCray, o/c 'Bob the Builder', 23, Lincoln Avenue, Kingston 13

Nov 27

Unidentified, mid-20s, Coopers Hill main road in St Andrew

Calvin Watt, o/c 'Popeye', 40, Orange Hill Road, Westmoreland

Dave Daley, 36, Hillstone Heights, St Andrew

'Lenky', Jones Avenue, Kingston 10

André Brown, 26, Mount Reece, Cambridge, St James

Nov 28

Devon Hartley, 33, Old Braeton, Portmore, St Catherine

Dwayne Miller, 29, Old Braeton, Portmore, St Catherine

Fabian Smikle, 19, Saltrum, Gayle, St Mary

André Thompson, o/c 'Fire', 20, Featherbed Lane, Spanish Town, St Catherine

Robert Oneil Bailey, 40, Mannings Hill Road, Kingston 8

Ricardo Richards, 36, Mannings Hill Road, Kingston 8

Isaiah Graham, o/c 'Zia', 56, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland

Jermaine Campbell, o/c 'Bomber', 34, Montego Bay, St James

Delano Lennox, 30, Mount Prospect, Mandeville, Manchester

Kemar Hyatt, 25, White Wing Walk, Kingston 11

Nov 29

Unidentified man, mid-50s, Fairfield Road, St Catherine

Horace Thomas, 37, Brandon Hill, Clarendon

Jason Blair, 27, August Town, Kingston 7

Unidentified man, about 35, West Queen and West streets, downtown Kingston

Desmond Kinloch, 60, Little London, Westmoreland

Nov 30

Unidentified man, late 20s, Canterbury, St James

Unidentified man, Moreland Estate, Manchester

Sheldon Pascal, 20, Seaford Town, Cambridge, St James

Andrew Green, 36, Linstead, St Catherine

Mark Anthony McFarlene, o/c 'Livie', 32, Gutters, Bushy Park, St Catherine

Killed by members of the police force

Investigators still to determine if this was a suicide or homicide

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