PM did the right thing

Published: Friday | December 11, 2009

The Editor, Sir:

I find it so 'funny' that so many people are against the prime minister's meeting with the persons who are behind the Gaza-Gully phenomenon, yet in the next breath they believe that there are other matters of national importance such as crime and violence. Are these people blind?

There is going to be more crime and violence if it is not dealt with. It is better to go to the source than asking the police to step in after someone dies over the conflict. It is evident that if the prime minister does not step in and use some moral persuasion to appeal to the deejays, the crime and violence will continue.

Deal with all segments

I am happy that we have a prime minister who is willing to deal with all segments of our very varied society. When other sections have issues, the Government steps in. Now that this section is having problem, I am glad that the 'chief servant' sees it as his duty to step in.

Yes, we are having economic difficulties but there are other problems that must be dealt with, with just as much urgency. The social aspects of the society must also be dealt with because they will and do affect other aspects of the society.

I am, etc.,


Greater Portmore

St Catherine

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