Angela Thame - The women behind Shaggy & Friends cont'd

Published: Monday | December 28, 2009

Angela Thame

The number of public relations (PR) practitioners seems to be so many, you have to be good to stand out. Angela Thame has more than managed to do that.

Apart from PR, she is quite the producer. Her television credits include 'The Oprah Winfrey' show (international) and 'Our Voices' (local). Thame is also passionate about promotions and is part of a team that recently started a series of parties called Colour Me Single which will kick off again in January.

How did you get into the PR business?

I worked at an independent station, WPIX television in NewYork City, for eight years and one of my roles was that of manager of community relations, which encompassed public relations.

What are the joys you get from it (PR)?

The imaging aspect. Once you wrap your head around whatever project you have been assigned, the joy comes with first the creativity that goes into how you approach the event, product or business you're projecting. (Then) Finding the angles for developing the various stories and placements. Seeing it play out in the media and the success of the event at the end of the day give me that sense of accomplishment.

How did you get involved with Shaggy and Friends?

Ronnie Burke brought Rebecca Packer (one of the producers) into my office one day and once the concept was explained to me, I, without hesitation, said 'YES! I am definitely on board.'

What sets this event apart from others you've worked with?

Obviously, the fact that all proceeds go to the Bustamante Hospital for Children stood out right away. Once you have a child, it's difficulty to say no to such a worthwhile cause.

If there is one, what would be the dream project you would like to work on in the near future?

Wow! I have so many ideas floating around in my head, there is one reality television show that is in the scripting stages right now. Once that materialises, it would be my dream project.

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