No margin for error! Bill takes a bride

At the intersection of simplicity and the awesomeness of nature - that's where pollster Bill Johnson wed Coleen Valentine. The breathtaking view of the sea and mountains which caresses the Firefly property in Galena, St Mary, once home to British playwright and actor Noel Coward, stood witness to the not-too-traditional nuptials on March 16.

Lyming in the gardens

The Jamaica Broilers Group, on Sunday March 7, hosted some 450 customers and their families, as well as friends of the group, on the lawns of Hope Gardens, St Andrew. Our camera captured some of the good times that were had by all.

Thaddeus and Tetlah celebrate 50 golden years

In 1959, 19-year-old Thaddeus Butler met 16-year-old Tetlah Smith while participating in a domino match in Omeally, St Catherine. They fell in love and were married at Tetlah's grandmother's home on February, 12, 1960. In 1961, Thaddeus emigrated to the United Kingdom; Tetlah followed a year later.

MY DOWN TIME WITH ... Steven Sykes

Steven Sykes is director of operations at Continental Baking Company (National Baking).

Orrett Rhoden's genius

And so, Orrett Rhoden is once again wooing the world. His talent, even more finely honed, is now harnessed, thus allowing for his natural talent to so shine through. His brilliance is intoxicatingly riveting as it is inspiring!

DOCTOR'S ADVICE - Finding her G-spot

Doctor, I am wondering if knowing about the G-spot could help my sex life? I am a happily married woman of 33, and I love my husband very much. He loves me too, and we have always been faithful to each other. Our sex life is pretty good, but there are times when I do not feel very sexy, and that can make him a little mad with me.

More books for your shelves

Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga is wasting no time as he launched his second book, My Life and Leadership, Volume 1: Clash of Ideologies, 1930-1980, at Mona Visitors' Lodge, University of the West Indies, on Wednesday, March 3.

Roving with Lalah

New day in Old Harbour

Top of The Class

Defying Odds

International Narcotics

Control Strategy Report (PDF)

Haiti needs help... Donate

Help our neighbours in Haiti

Prof. Rex Nettleford

Highlights of his funeral


100 years Champs