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LETTER OF THE DAY - Please, give us hope

Published:Friday | May 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I would like to beg the members of the Cabinet and the Opposition to give Jamaica hope. You can hear the hopelessness coming out of the Jamaican people everywhere.

Did you know that when our athletes lose hope no amount of training will allow them to win? Did you know that when our children lose hope they will not be able to learn? Did you know that when the Jamaican people lose hope they will be even less productive? Hope is the same thing which is quantified as confidence in business. Did you know that it is a loss of hope which is plaguing our industrial disputes? Somebody needs to rise up and give us hope! Who has it?

The beginning of hope must be that the members of the Cabinet which Mr Golding heads must also bear the responsibility for deceiving the nation for more than two months, and repent.

Not one of them came out in defence of the Jamaican people's right not to be deceived, while putting the reputation of the State and the hope of our people in jeopardy. If Mr Golding committed perjury in the highest court of the land with witnesses in his party who saw and knew, or should have seen and known, yet no one had the courage to speak the truth, that makes every one of them complicit up to this point. Just like the People's National Party and Trafigura. It is called collective responsibility, isn't it?

I don't know where the country can go from here. Who is going to invest in our country when our Cabinet members cannot be trusted to have a strong sense of "justice and truth" by which to be guided to "stand up... ?"


I am just as disappointed with this Government's confusing behaviour in the "service of my fellow citizens", which renders them just as impotent as the previous government in the management of crime, violence and, in particular, murder.

We are indeed between the devil and the deep blue sea. But this does not have to be. The good people in both parties, whose hearts are not yet seared by the embrace of deception and the lure of power, can help by stepping away from those who are too tainted to be of use to the country.

We need a coalition of a few good men and women to "join hands and hearts together and make Jamaica a land of love," rather than the murder capital of the world. Over to you Chris Tufton, Andrew Holness, Lisa Hanna, Ronnie Thwaites, to become the Gideon company with whom we can start over!

I am, etc.,


Kingston 5