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Jamaica needs a third way

Published:Friday | May 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I would like to posit the following questions: Could Bruce Golding be a genius? Could this be some mysterious plan to lead the nation and his party over this proverbial cliff in the hope that from the mangled rubble there might arise something truly new and different?

Could this be some Machiavellian plot to destroy the existing political status quo? Could this be a plan to shepherd out political cronyism, nepotism, ineptitude, 'kleptocracy' and the stain of garrison politics? Could the plan be to replace what currently exists with real constitutional reform, accountability and meritocracy? Could these set of events be a precursor to the end of this JLP and PNP unsustainable brand of 'curry favour, pull the wool over the people's eyes' type of politics? Dare I suggest this could be a way to be indirectly responsible for dismantling of the 'mother of all garrisons'?

magical thinking

Perhaps by falling on his sword this is how the 'chief servant' chooses to write (or rewrite) his own legacy. Or perhaps I am simply engaging in magical thinking. Perhaps things really appear to be the way they are. If this is the case then "Keep us free from evil powers, be our light through countless hours."

It is time for us to think outside this stale, same ol', same ol' two-party system box. Constituency by constituency, we should begin replacing JLP and PNP with other options that will truly serve the people. Jamaica needs a 'Third Way'.

Justice, truth be ours forever.

I am, etc.,