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PM's action extremely disturbing

Published:Friday | May 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

There are a number of disturbing elements in the extradition affair but what is of great concern to me is that fact that the ruling political party initiated action to assist in lobbying the United States government on the issue. Presumably this lobbying was expected to reap benefits for the person at the centre of the extradition dispute.

What is now of even greater concern is that Mr Golding, who happens to be the prime minister, in his capacity as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), gave authorisation for this lobbying.

When the majority of the Jamaican electorate voted for the Jamaica Labour Party in September 2007 they did so because they were of the opinion that this was the better party to deal with the problems of this country. One of the major concerns then was the problem of crime and violence. This problem has now grown to monstrous proportions.

extremely disturbing

At a time when we need a leader who is free of all allegiance and connections to the criminal underworld we have a situation facing us in which the very party and now we know the very leader in which the people of Jamaica reposed trust and confidence to deal with the situation has compromised itself by authorising lobbying for one who has been accused of committing horrible crimes. Not only was lobbying authorised but money was raised for the process! This speaks of the great allegiance which the party has to the particular individual.

As an ordinary Jamaican, subject to all the vagaries of life in this country, I find all this effort on behalf of someone so accused to be extremely disturbing.

The question now for all of us to answer is this can a leader or a party with such allegiance lead us in slaying the monster of crime? A related question is - will the party and the leader be credible in any future declarations on sensitive matters?

I am, etc.,