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NOTE-WORTHY - Change the landscape

Published:Saturday | May 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM

  • Change the landscape

Jamaicans at home and aboard have a wonderful opportunity to change the political landscape in our nation. What some see as hopelessness I see as opportunity.

It is my view that neither the Jamaica Labour Party nor the People's National Party has the moral authority to lead this nation. Unfortunately, for now they are what we have and we have to find a way to fix it.

It is my belief that civil society should press for the establishment of a political integrity commission before the next general election. Civil society should forcefully demand that this current Parliament amend the Constitution to so that the commission can be legally established for the following reasons:

1. All nominated leaders of political parties must be subjected to the scrutiny of the integrity commission.

2. All 60 candidates nominated to become MPs must be subjected to the scrutiny of the integrity commission.

3. All sensitive government appointees must be subjected to the scrutiny of the integrity commission.

4. The integrity commission must have the power to recall members of parliament.

It is time this country be governed in the best interest of Jamaica and not a political party, and we Jamaicans must not just demand but see to the change which is so long overdue.

Conrad Robinson, cpr48@hotmail.com

  • Call fresh elections

Everyone is calling for the prime minister to resign and I can understand their sentiment. However, what the prime minister should do is to call an election to see if the majority of the Jamaican people still supports him and his party.

It is often the case that the voices heard are the voices spoken; however, I doubt all voices or anything near that volume has been heard.

Robert Howell, roberthowelljm@yahoo.com

  • Cry, the beloved country

We see evidence daily that our beloved country is under constant siege from within. The litany of ills is too long to elaborate in this forum but the latest body blows from a blundering prime minister are starting to break the camels' backs.

I donÕt know how the Jamaican Constitution deals with this, but elsewhere, these kinds of lies and missteps are grounds for impeachment. When this whole sordid affair with Manatt started, we desperately wanted to give the prime minister the benefit of the doubt.

This late mea culpa puts the leadership and stability of the Government on very shaky grounds. The prime minister has done the impossible; he has made the Opposition look good by comparison. His credibility and by extension the Government's that he leads has shrunk to zero. This is a demoralising turn of events, considering the promises and high hopes that swept him into office. The next step will be a forced call for elections, and the depressing options are the same as they were two years ago.

Our beautiful country is withering on the vine with no rain in sight to replenish our hopes for renewal.

Seymour Taylor, Evanston IL.