Wed | Feb 26, 2020

A defining moment

Published:Monday | May 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I have written elsewhere that Jamaican politicians are usually one or two steps behind the citizenry. It is palpably obvious to all well-thinking Jamaicans that Bruce Golding is oblivious to the fact that ordinary, law-abiding citizens have steadfastly turned our back against garrison politics. We want nothing to do with it! The fact that Mr. Golding has not detected this gale force wind of change belies his much vaunted intelligence.

The Jamaica Labour Party and People's National Party have staunchly refused to relinquish garrison politics and the monster has devoured them both - Bruce's credibility has been permanently shattered and Portia Simpson Miller has shown no intention of distancing herself from garrison politics. A plague on both their houses! Good riddance to them both! Jamaica will not only survive without them both will thrive!

This is a defining moment in time; new political leadership should stand out - leadership without an umbilical attachment to garrison politics.

All the fancy hotels, pipeline investments and even finding oil will not prevent perpetual poverty. As long as the arrogance and lawlessness remain, crime and violence will not only survive but will thrive! As the saying goes - It's the economy, stupid! Well in our case - It's garrison politics, stupid!

The final wind of change has arrived; be prepared to move with it or move over!

I am, etc.,