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Thursday Talk

Published:Thursday | June 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM

  • Belle of the balls

1. Friends and observers agree her career began as a trophy wife. Since the marriage, however, she has found her wings, including a new cosmetically enhanced bosom that has gained her new attention. Latest update, she's the new belle of the western balls; he is going to pieces, including losing his job, and she has decided to move on.

  • Changed tune

2. Remember the wife who accused her friends of "trying to break up her happy marriage" after some had advised her that her husband was spotted with one of his love interests, on their way to London? Well, friends says she's now singing a different tune, as the husband's dalliances are now more blatant than ever, with a clear penchant for those from below the clock. Story is that the husband is now seeking therapy for sex addiction.

  • Forward thinker

3. Some are saying he is so busy feathering his nest in anticipation of his retirement, no contract gets approved without a special fee.

  • No surprise there

4. Seems like the sugary-tongued fly-by-nighter has left these shores with his associates holding the bag for his many unpaid bills and bumptious lifestyle. Not many are surprised at this turn of events, however, because none of his claims of being associated with a number of big companies could be verified.

  • Curiouser and curiouser

5. Observers say they are finding it a little more than curious that a number of very public statements and loud utterances about breaches seem to have been quietly settled without any remedial action on the part of the supposed offenders.

  • Setting new trends

6. It's the new buzz. They are called 'open marriages' and they seem to be catching on with the younger crowd, as their operational framework gives both parties the freedom to sample other products, while still being married. Sometimes they even share the product.

  • Where'd you get that ...?

7. Residents say some of those who invaded the enclave are sporting a brand new set of footwear, and it's not government issue, but was bounty intended for the 'soldiers' who were manning the community. They want an investigation into the disappearing 'Clarks'.