Literary Arts - The Engagement Party

The uproar outside started while I was in the courtesy room provided by the hotel, sitting at the vanity table. My mother was sliding jewelled hairpins into the curls piled on top of my head, making sure they was held tightly in place. I was staring wordlessly at my reflection.

Jamaica Society for the Blind needs help

Have you ever wondered what the opportunities are for the 26,000 Jamaicans who live daily with blindness? Those of us in Kingston who drive on Old Hope Road will have at some time or another glimpsed that marvellous quotation in elegant black script written large upon a blue wall which covers the entrance to the Jamaica Society for the Blind (JSB).

Styleweek takes ART to FASHION

SAINT International's recent staging of Styleweek Jamaica was a success on many fronts. The artistry projected by designers helped 'Bring back the Glam' to Kingston after a riotous period.

'Born Fi Dead' translated to French

Born Fi' Dead, American author Laurie Gunst's controversial book about gang violence in Jamaica, has been translated into French. It was recently released in Europe by Thibault Ehrengardt, editor and publisher of the French reggae magazine Natty Dread.

Barrow takes on Caribbean parenting issues in new text

Christine Barrow, professor of social development and professorial fellow at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, has written a scholarly text that explores childhood, parenting and family in Barbados. The focus is on childhoods within families where one or both parents are absent.

'Whispering of the Trees' is Cyrilene's story

Below the title of Dr Cynthia Wilson's latest book, Whispering of the Trees, is written 'A Memoir'. However, during the book's launch on Friday, July 12, Wilson made the fine distinction between writing personal memory and its use in otherwise deliberately constructed text.

University bulletin

Charlene Lee Sharpe, chair of the Department of History, Geography and the Social Sciences at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), is a recipient of the Latin America Scholarship Program of American Universities (LASPAU) Fulbright Scholarship 2010-12.

Roving with Lalah

Top Of The Class

Defying Odds

International Narcotics

Control Strategy Report (PDF)

Haiti needs help... Donate

Help our neighbours in Haiti

Prof. Rex Nettleford

Highlights of his funeral


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