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Harbour View turns 50 - Residents say it is a model community

Published:Saturday | August 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Awardees pose after receiving their awards. Back row from left are Irving Montague, Ken Jones, Rev Leslie Hoo Sang, (front row) Alma Mock Yen, Marcella Vassell and Lloyd Sam Richards at the Harbour View Citizens' Association Independence flag-raising and awards ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of the community at the Harbour View Primary School yesterday. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer

THE CONVENOR of Jamaica's newest political party has urged communities across the island to copy Harbour View.

Betty Ann Blaine, a former resident of the east Kingston community, says not only does Harbour View have a vibrant citizens' association, but also, members of the community have continuously inculcated its younger members with the right values and attitudes.

"Tivoli can learn from the values and attitudes in Harbour View," proclaimed Blaine, who was the guest speaker at yesterday's 50th-anniversary celebrations for Harbour View.

Tivoli Gardens, situated in western Kingston, has been described by former Jamaica Defence Force head, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, as the mother of all garrisons. Members of the security forces killed more than 70 persons there in May during a stand-off.

Not about self-pride

Yesterday, Blaine, who recently launched the New Nation Coalition, said there was a need for programmes to be established to allow for the teaching of positive values and attitudes from communities like Harbour View to other communities. She said that one mode of doing this is having community leaders in both communities interface on a regular basis and developing programmes.

Blaine told Harbour View residents that they should always remember that their role is "not about self-pride, it is about setting examples".

Established two years before Jamaica's Independence in 1962, Harbour View's citizens say that they have positioned themselves as a model community.

The community has a vibrant citizens' association, an enviable low crime rate, and youth and football associations.

The community was the first in Jamaica to have a community paper. Its residents also claim that the community was the first to host street dances.

The Harbour View Citizens' Association used yesterday's holiday to honour outstanding community members and former residents. Those honoured were Lloyd Richards, Marcella Vassell, the Reverend Leslie Hoo Sang, Ken Jones, Alma Mock Yen and Irving Montague.