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Beware phone scams

Published:Saturday | August 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I am a Jamaican student living in the USA pursuing a master's degree. I have recently been targeted by several phone calls from Jamaica informing me that I have won a large sum of money and I should send money to them to cover the cost of sending me the said money and to cover taxes. Of course I am not silly enough to believe them, but I am concerned for others who may have believed these men and may have fallen prey to this scam.

Name is on 'a list'

The calls began a few months ago, and although on one occasion I cursed out these men in my native Jamaican dialect, they have persisted. To date, I have received more than a dozen calls from these men and all local numbers. When I asked one of the men about it, I was informed that my name was on 'a list' along with my telephone number here in the US.

The only time my telephone number has been online along with my name is when I purchased credit from one of the mobile phone service providers for a relative I still have on the island. I was informed that they operate out of Montego Bay.

I am asking you to publish my letter so that persons locally and overseas will know what is taking place, and will not fall prey to these men. Furthermore, I have to contact numbers of the callers as their numbers were not blocked. I am willing to pass on these numbers to local law enforcement, as I am sure that GPS technology could be used to nab these men, or at least set up some form of sting operation.

I am, etc.,