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Cellphone limits

Published:Sunday | August 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Barbados government is considering legislation to curtail the use of cellphones by motorists while driving.

Transport and Works Minister John Boyce said that is one of the amendments being proposed for the Road Traffic Act.

"Regrettably, records show that inappropriate use of this instrument while driving has contributed to our traffic accidents," Boyce told a meeting of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers on Wednesday.

"To correct this situation, we are proposing to ban the use of hand-held mobile phones by persons driving on the highway unless a hands-free device is in use," he added.

The Transport and Works Minister said there would be exceptions for certain emergency responders like the police, firefighters, the defence force, and emergency medical technicians.


It is not yet clear how soon the Democratic Labour Party administration intends to update the Road Traffic Act to include such provisions.