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So what happens if Shaw is elevated?

Published:Tuesday | October 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I read with interest an article titled 'From 'Water Boy' to PM? Shaw JLP front-runner if Golding quits' published in The Sunday Gleaner, October 10.

While much of it was obviously largely conjecture, I thought it engaging speculation. In fact, my mind went beyond Minister Shaw's ascension to prime minister. I started asking myself, who would be best positioned to head the finance ministry if he were to be named prime minister? I understand fully that, at this point, one can't make the speculations too incredible!

But humour me for a moment. I dare say that based on the story as presented by Gary Spaulding, taking the thinking to where I'm headed is in order. Off the bat, there is no one within the ranks of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) who could take on that job, especially at this crucial juncture in our economic reality.

I've been thinking about the men and women within that ministry, and its agencies who have literally (but not outwardly or publicly acknowledged for their work) kept things afloat. In fact, many would argue that it is these men and women who, in part, make Minister Shaw and the JLP look good.

Outstanding public servants

I think of outstanding public servants like Financial Secretary Dr Wesley Hughes. We have seen Dr Hughes at the helm of the Planning Institute of Jamaica for well over a decade. He did an outstanding job in that capacity. As financial secretary, he has thus far managed to steer the ship through many turbulent storms.

I know that based on the system of governance, he could not be named minister of finance. But is it possible for us to get beyond these 'factors' for the sake of the country? We want to get to developed country status by 2030. If, and only if, we want this, we have to urgently get beyond conjecture, and put into effect the things we know are practical, necessary and credible! Importantly, we have to give the mantle to leaders we believe in and know will effectively do what is required.

I am, etc.,