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No cannibalism in Haiti

Published:Wednesday | October 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I AM a regular reader of The Gleaner. And I am Haitian. I was so shocked reading the article about the Jamaican fisherman who was incarcerated in Haiti for three years.

After reading the story, I first called one of my Jamaican friends living in Jamaica to inquire about the incident; then I contacted a newspaper in Haiti asking them to investigate it.

No human being deserves this treatment. If what the fisherman is claiming is true, it must be denounced.

But if the information is false or cannot be verified, I think you should clearly indicate that the information have not been verified.

There is no form of cannibalism in Haiti. That I know for sure. And I would like you to prove the contrary.

I have been reading The Gleaner for a long time, and I think you might be one of the most trusted newspapers in the Caribbean.

You should try not to deviate from your primary goal - which is to inform people - by publishing these sensational stories.

I have already contacted a newspaper in Haiti and I asked them to investigate ... and I would invite you to do the same.

I am, etc.,

Franck Desir

Montreal, Canada