LETTER OF THE DAY - Highway 2000 challenges

The Editor, Sir: Many motorists like myself really appreciate Highway 2000, and value the opportunity to travel from Mandeville to Kingston with much less stress.

Barbados, miles ahead in education policy

The Editor, Sir: "No matter how long you teach a fool, he still knows everything," Leonid Sukhorukov. If we are convinced as a nation that, 'by losing ground in our schools we've also lost ground in our economy'...

Poor nutrition leads to crime

The Editor, Sir:A couple weeks in the home of a middle-class Jamaican couple and friends residing in upstate New York draws immediate comparison with a very significant aspect of our (Jamaican) diet.

No-loitering zone?

The Editor, Sir:I read the article in The Sunday Gleaner about the Half-Way Tree transportation hub and was left confused.

Corrections to Sunday article

The Editor, Sir:I would like to make some corrections to my column titled 'Poppa, responsibilities of children and Obama' which appeared on the OpEd page in last Sunday's (October 17) Gleaner....

Inadequate education comparisons

The Editor, Sir: Robert Shippe's letter published in your paper on October 18, states that the United States of America's elementary and secondary school system is a failure and that Jamaica's education system is a success despite its challenges.

Rapacious banks

THE EDITOR, Sir: How greedy and rapacious can these Jamaican bankers be? We hear of them making record profits every quarter, yet they continue to hit us with these ridiculous fees.I haven't had any transactions on my current account for some time now.

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