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Corrections to Sunday article

Published:Tuesday | October 19, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I would like to make some corrections to my column titled 'Poppa, responsibilities of children and Obama' which appeared on the OpEd page in last Sunday's (October 17) Gleaner.

First of all, I was remiss in not acknowledging Justice James Sewell Kerr, QC, the late former director of public prosecutions and political ombudsman, among other distinguished appointments, who was the other referee for my successful application for my Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship.

Second, I would like to make a correction to the current US Senate divide. The split is actually 57 Democrats and 41 Republicans with two independents, while there are 255 Democratic members in the House of Representatives vs 178 Republicans and two vacancies.

Lastly, I now predict that the Democrats will hold on to the Senate, but barely, at 51 to 47 with two independents. I also predict the Republicans taking control of the House by 227 to 208, a virtual reversal of fortune.

I am, etc.,