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... Caffé da Vinci?

Published:Thursday | October 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Café da Vinci Restaurant. - Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer

If you love Italian cuisine, then you will love the new Italian restaurant, Caffé da Vinci. The new restaurant recently opened its doors serving nothing but authentic Italian cuisine.

Executive chef and owner is Allessandra Tobartolini Misir. Misir was born in Italy but moved to Jamaica in 1995. She resides on the island with her husband and two children. Chef Misir told Food that since she has lived in Jamaica she has been quite the entertainer, hosting private dinners, parties, etc. She said her friends are always telling her to let them pay her to cook and encouraged her to open a restaurant. An offer she did not take up until two months ago.

Misir noted that she started cooking when she was 12 years old, growing up with her mother, Maria Bardolini, in Italy.

"My mother had a restaurant back in Italy, and in summer I would go there and help around, so I learnt everything from her."

She notes that it was only natural that she developed a passion for cooking. "Plus, I come from a family of chefs, so it was the norm that everyone in my household learnt how to cook," she added.

Good support

Chef Misir told Food that as her children became older, she had a burning desire to do something different. Thus, she came up with the idea to make and package lasagna and pasta. She went ahead with her idea and got a popular supermarket to sell them. Her little business took off, and once again her friends and family were there to support and encourage her.

The restaurateur said she loves what she is doing and she especially loves to please her customers. She also notes that she is overjoyed to be a part of The Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week. She is looking forward to introducing her restaurant to the public and allowing patrons to enjoy authentic Italian food.

- Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore