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Jamaicans urged to remember national pride

Published:Friday | October 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Angelo Laurence, Gleaner Writer

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Maurice Syeon Green, former Jamaica Defence Force Private, of Hatfield district, was awarded posthumously for his contribution to nation building during a Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Heroes Day Civic and Awards Ceremony on Monday.

Green lost his life during the west Kingston incursion in May to effect the capture of Christopher Coke, who was wanted by the United States government.

Eight other persons were recognised for their contribution to nation building during a ceremony held at the Mandeville Park.

Guest speaker Valarie Dixon challenged the nearly 1,000 persons who packed the park not to take the courage and sacrifices of our national heroes for granted, and to be mindful that they paved the way for the freedom we now enjoy as Jamaicans.

Dixon urged Jamaicans to examine the pride and respect they have for the Jamaican flag. She said she was particularly disturbed that persons in the private sector imported sandals with the Jamaican flag painted on their soles. She questioned how they could have allowed such items to enter the country, adding that she was disappointed that Jamaicans buy and wear them.