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Poetry 2

Published:Sunday | October 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Redefining myself

In the midst of my pain,

In the midst of my fears,

I cry out, Lord help me to redefine myself.

Not by man's words, thoughts, or actions against me

But by your spirit, your word, your love, your grace and your mercy.

I lay here thinking about my heart, life and my desires and I come to the conclusion that all is hopeless without you.

I have tried in my own strength to do what I thought you wanted me to do, but now I am asking you to show me the way.

After everything else has failed My preconceived ideas and my desire to be seen and heard

No more!

All I want is to be led by you direct my steps oh Lord as I painfully surrender my life to you.

Lord, help me to redefine myself.

- Natalee Henry


Fresh canvas

I want to change

This life is full of distractions

It feels kind of strange

This life with no satisfaction.

Brain in war with heart

Mind in war with soul

Time for a new start

'Cause life right now is out of control.

All this stress

Without any gain

I need to start fresh

The canvas clean and plain.

But writing isn't enough,

As described in these stanzas

It's going to be rough

But I'll paint on a fresh canvas.

- Kareem Marshal


I am me

I am me

Not you

Nor you

But me

I was born with a personal and unique identity

Which separates and sets me apart from you, from everybody

Endowed on me from birth

And will remain thus until eternity

It identifies me as somebody

Unlike and apart from any other person

My identical twin brother may be the split image of me

But his personal identity sets him apart from me

Even my children have their own identity

Apart from their mommy and daddy

For me there are no duplicates

I was created in my own image

A process which was determined by a host of complexities

Which led to this wonderful masterpiece that is me

This marvel of genetical engineering

Naturally has a few ingredients in its composition

Like personality, astrology, reality and destiny

All playing a part in fashioning my destiny

As we travel through life on this space of odyssey

Speeding along on a predetermined journey.

- Anthony Evans


Morning lights

Across the ocean, over the hills, through the valleys, bright leaves which beautify the trees, clear the air and conceal the atmosphere.

With the blanket of beauty so Mother Nature is seen, vibrant setting fits the start of day.

Inhabitants of all sources admire this frequent happening and applaud in amazement the beauty surrounding the morning lights.

- Gavin Green